Right Wing Churches and Eyman Fail Miserably. Great! R-65 Dead!

The Right Wing Churches and Tim (Frat Boy ) Eyman just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t come up with anywhere near enough signatures to turn Referendum 65 into the Washington Secretary of State’s office by the 5 P.M. deadline today.

And we’ll never know how few signatures they actually got because Eyman tried to make it look like they were close. But Eyman is a stunt man and that’s all that today’s waste of media time and staff time at the Secretary of States office shows. If he was down there with nowhere near the number of necessary signatures, he for a second day in a row wasted the taxpayers money.

He can claim he didn’t know, but come on, there is such a thing as cell phones and you’re not prohibited from counting signatures on an airplane. Eyman claims that the Fagins were flying over petitions from Spokane The Christian Coalition said they had collected some 14,000 or so. That’s a long way from making it if you add Eyman‘s earlier claim of signatures.

My guess is he probably only got 40,000 to 50,000 signatures. The reason. Eyman didn’t have any money to pay signature gathers like he’s done since his first initiative. He doesn’t have a bunch of initiative groupies hanging out with him. So with no volunteers or money he’s lucky he got what he did. But you can’t believe the number he says.

Yesterday he dragged a bunch of boxes along with him in Olympia when he tried to fool the press to give him free publicity but they were for a different initiative. If he had a lot of signatures he would have showed them yesterday to urge people to help at the last minute. But how would that help if you don’t really have many to show.

So I think Eyman made up a number that means nothing today. The end result is he failed once again.

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