Congressional Candidate Peter Goldmark Starts Galloping in Eastern Washington

Democrat Peter Goldmark, running in eastern Washington’s 5th Congressional District, has raised more money than his Republican opponent during the latest reporting period. Goldmark reported to the Federal Elections Commission that for the April, May, June 2006 reporting period he has raised over $200,066. His opponent, Cathy McMorris, has only raised $125,945 during this same time period.

McMorris is the incumbent. Her campaign has already spent $648,922 she previously raised and only has $466,955 in cash on hand. This is not a lot of cash on hand for an incumbent. Meanwhile Goldmark has not frittered away what he’s raised and has $134,911 in cash on hand. Considering this is Goldmark’s first quarter of raising funds, he has made an impressive start.

When I had a chance to ask Congressman Jay Inslee on Friday how he thought Goldmark was doing, Inslee said that Goldmark’s campaign is picking up momentum. He called Goldmark “a great fit for his district”.

Inslee noted that he had recently gone to a major fundraiser for Goldmark in eastern Washington . Over 200 people were in attendance. Inslee will soon be doing a mailing for Goldmark.

There are a lot of good signs his campaign is picking up momentum. Goldmark brings to the 5th C.D. a strong background in ranching, education, public service and science. He has a forward looking agenda to help the district. You can read more about Peter Goldmark by going to his official campaign website – Vote Peter Goldmark.

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Goldmark is a great candidate and is working hard but he needs your support. I have set up a link through ActBlue – a Democratic fundraising site – where you can easily make an on-line contribution to Peter Goldmark’s campaign. Click here MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue .

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for Peter Goldmark’s campaign through MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue.

Clicking on the ActBlue link will show both how much has been raised and also what other blogs and sites have raised for Goldmark using ActBlue. You can also link to other Democratic campaigns across the country

Looking at the finance report of Goldmark’s opponent reveals that almost two thirds of the money McMorris raised this last quarter has come came from special interest PAC’s. Some in particular, like Labor Ready and Wal-Mart shows insight into her recent vote opposing raising the minimum wage. Most of Goldmark’s money has come from individual contributions.

Her are some of McMorris’s largest donors. The first number is their most recent contribution and the second number is their total contribution to her campaign.

Altira Group Inc PAC, NY $2500 ($5000)

American Health Care Association PAC $1000 ($5000)

American Road and Transportation Builder PAC, Washington, DC $1000 ($1000)

Assoc General Contractors of America PAC, Alexandria, VA $1000 ($4000)

Avista Corp Employees Effec Govt PAC $1500 ($5750)

Boeing PAC, Arlington, VA $2000 ($7000)

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Co. Rail PAC, Washington, DC $1000 ($3000)

Fair Credit Council PAC, Washington, DC $250 ($6363)

Growth and Prosperity PAC, Washington,DC $4500 ($9500)

Int Council of Shopping Center, Inc. PAC, Alexandria, VA $1000 ($2000)

Labor Ready Inc,PAC, Tacoma, WA $1000 ($6000)

Mine PAC (American Mining Assoc.), Washington, DC $1000 ($2000)

Nat. Assoc. of Insurance and Financial Advisors PAC, Falls Church, VA $1000 ($4500)

NelNet Inc PAC, Washington, DC $3000 ($5000)

Old Castles Materials Inc, Washington, DC $2000 ($4000)

Paccar Inc Employees Org for Pol Leadership, Winston Salem, NC $1000 ($3000)
RJ Reynolds PAC, Winston Salem, NC $1000 ($4000)

Road to Victory PAC, Alexandria,VA $5000 ($5000)

United Parcel Services Inc PAC, Atlanta, GA $2500 ($10,000)

Wal-Mart Inc PAC , Bentonville, Alabama $3500 ($3500)

Washington Group Int PAC, Arlington, VA $7000 ($7000)

Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America, Inc PAC $2500 ($2500)

With this type of special interest money funding McMorris’s campaign, one can clearly see the type of interests she has and will support in Congress. Just some more reasons why to help get Peter Goldmark elected. Again you can click on MajorityRulesBlog ActBlue to make a contribution today to Peter Goldmark. Thanks.

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