Clinton Winning in New Hampshire Primary

With 63% of the vote counted Senator Hillary Clinton still leads Senator Barrack Obama by 39% to 36%. Results posted on the NY Times website at 7:23 PM Pacific Time show the same margin separating the candidates as was posted at 6:23 PM Pacific Time with 39% of the votes counted..

Hillary Clinton …….65,129 (39%)
Barrack Obama ….60,766 (36%)
John Edwards …….28,066 (17%)
Bill Richardson …….7,952 (5%)

Click on the NY Times website above to see the most current results.

One response to “Clinton Winning in New Hampshire Primary

  1. About clinton winning in new Hampshire primary informatio is very great.I think the smallest margin of victory for Obama had him up by 1 point according to the Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire. Not a single poll had Hillary Clinton winning the Granite state.
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