With 63% of the vote counted Senator Hillary Clinton still leads Senator Barrack Obama by 39% to 36%. Results posted on the NY Times website at 7:23 PM Pacific Time show the same margin separating the candidates as was posted at 6:23 PM Pacific Time with 39% of the votes counted..

Hillary Clinton …….65,129 (39%)
Barrack Obama ….60,766 (36%)
John Edwards …….28,066 (17%)
Bill Richardson …….7,952 (5%)

Click on the NY Times website above to see the most current results.

One Response to Clinton Winning in New Hampshire Primary

  1. jennifer says:

    About clinton winning in new Hampshire primary informatio is very great.I think the smallest margin of victory for Obama had him up by 1 point according to the Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire. Not a single poll had Hillary Clinton winning the Granite state.
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