Seattle City Council Races Sorting Out in First Election Results

The three Seattle City Council races are sorting out in the first results from King County Elections being released at 8:03 PM. Because this is an all mail in ballot, final results may take a while to sort out in position 8 but the trends are pretty clear in the other races.

As we noted in our previous post The Seattle Mayor’s race is a three way tie, with Michael McGinn on top, followed closely by Joe Mallahan and incumbent Greg Nickels a close third.

In Position 4 Sally Bagshaw has a commanding lead with 50.06% of the vote. David Bloom is her most likely opponent, coming in second with 18.17%.

In Position 6, incumbent Councilmember Nick Licata has a comfortable 52,54%, with Jessie Israel coming in second at 29.99%.

In position 8, Sierra Club member Mike O’Brien has a comfortable lead in the 6 person race at 35.56% of the vote. Robert Rosencrantz more allied with the business community has come in at second with 19.39%. Jordan Royer is third and David Miller is fourth. This is the tightest race for second position of the three seats in the primary and there could be some changes when mailed in ballots are counted in the next two days.

City of Seattle Council Position No. 4

Sally Bagshaw 28,087 50.06%

Thomas Tobin 5,706 10.17%

Brian Carver 5,021 8.95%

Dorsol Plants 6,853 12.21%

David Bloom 10,194 18.17%

Write-in 244 0.43%

City of Seattle Council Position No. 6

Marty Kaplan 9,592 16.73%

Nick Licata 30,260 52.79%

Jessie Israel 17,192 29.99%

Write-in 278 0.48%

City of Seattle Council Position No. 8

Mike O’Brien 19,913 35.56%

Rusty Williams 3,046 5.44%

Bobby Forch 6,731 12.02%

David Miller 6,842 12.22%

Jordan Royer 8,359 14.93%

Robert Rosencrantz 10,857 19.39%

Write-in 248 0.44%

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