Metropolitan Democratic Club Endorsements for November 2, 2010 Election

The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle has been around now for over 50 years. They have been undergoing a rejuvenation in recent years building membership and being more visible. They have been holding for a long times public forums with a variety of issues and speakers. They meet in downtown Seattle over lunchtime. You can follow their activities on their website and they also have a Facebook page that has a good number of followers.

Their revamped website notes that

The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle was established in 1956 to promote new ideas and growth for the Democratic Party and to provide a more progressive alternative to the mainstream Party apparatus. Its founding members were committed to reforming and building the Party by reaching out to independent voters, activating citizen interest and participation in politics, examining issues and supporting measures for the public good, and encouraging and aiding qualified younger candidates in running for public office.

Following is a list of their endorsements of candidates and issues for the November 2, 2010 General Election ballot:


US Senate, Patty Murray

US Rep CD 1, Jay Inslee

US Rep CD 2, Rick Larsen

US Rep CD 7, Jim McDermott

US Rep CD 8, Suzan DelBene

US Rep CD 9, Adam Smith

State Legislative

Rep 1st LD Pos 1, Derek Stanford

Rep 1st LD Pos 2, Luis Moscoso

Rep 5th LD Pos 1, Greg Hoover

Rep 11th LD Pos 1, Zack Hudgins

Rep 11th LD Pos 2, Bob Hasegawa

Sen 30th LD, Tracey Eide

Rep 30th LD Pos 1, Mark Miloscia

Rep 30th LD Pos 2, Carol Gregory

Sen 32nd LD, Maralyn Chase

Rep 32nd LD, Cindy Ryu

Rep 32nd LD Pos 2, Ruth Kagi

Sen 33rd LD, Karen Keiser

Rep 33rd LD Pos 1, Tina Orwall

Rep 33rd LD Pos 2, Dave Upthegrove

Sen 34th LD, Sharon Nelson

Rep 34th LD Pos 1, Eileen Cody

Rep 34th LD, Pos 2, Michael Heavey

Sen 36th LD, Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Rep 36th LD Pos 1, Reuven Carlyle

Rep 36th LD Pos 2, Mary Lou Dickerson

Sen 37th LD, Adam Kline

Rep 37th LD Pos 1, Sharon Tomiko Santos

Rep 37th LD Pos 2, Eric Pettigrew

Sen 41st LD, Randy Gordon

Rep 41st LD Pos 1, Marcie Maxwell

Rep 41st LD Pos 2, Judy Clibborn

Sen 43rd LD, Ed Murray

Rep 43rd LD Pos 1, Jamie Pedersen

Rep 43rd LD Pos 2, Frank Chopp

Sen 45th LD, Eric Oemig

Rep 45th LD Pos 1, Roger Goodman

Rep 45th LD Pos 2, Larry Springer

Sen 46th LD, Scott White

Rep 46th LD Pos 1, David Frockt

Rep 46th LD Pos 2, Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney

Sen 47th LD, Claudia Kauffman

Rep 47th LD Pos 1, Geoffrey Simpson

Rep 47th LD Pos 2, Pat Sullivan

Sen 48th LD, Rodney Tom

Rep 48th LD Pos 1, Ross Hunter

Rep 48th LD Pos 2, Deborah Eddy

King County

Council Dist 8, Joe McDermott

State Judicial

Supreme Court Pos 6, Charlie Wiggins

Court of Appeals Dist 1 Div 1, Michael Spearman

Dist Court, SE Electoral Dist Pos 6, Matt Williams

Seattle Judicial

Municipal Court Pos 1, Ed McKenna

Municipal Court Pos 3, Steve Rosen

Municipal Court Pos 5, Willie Gregory

Municipal Court Pos 6, Karen Donohue

State Ballot Measures

I-1053 NO

I-1100 NO

I-1105 NO

I-1107 NO

I-1082 NO

I-1098 YES

Ref Bill 52 YES

SJR 8225 YES

King County Ballot Measures

Proposition 1 YES

Charter Amendment 1 YES

Charter Amendment 2 YES

Charter Amendment 3 YES

Seattle Public Schools Levy YES

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