Debbie Wasserman Schultz new Chair of Democratic National Committee

President Obama has chosen a strong progressive Democrat to head up the Democratic National Committee. Obama today picked Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz to replace Tim Kaine of Virginia who resigned to run for the US Senate.

As Politico reports:

Wasserman Schultz, 44, was chosen for her strength as a fundraiser and as a television messenger and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida, the sources said….

Since she was first elected to Congress in 2004, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has emerged as one of the most outspoken leaders in the Democratic Party, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said in a statement.

“A strong voice for ordinary people who didn’t cause the recession but are too often asked to pay the price, Wasserman Schultz will be a great advocate for President Obama and for Democrats across the country who are fighting to grow the economy and create jobs for middle-class families.”

Vice President Joe Bidden in an e-mail to DNC members that was posted on Huffington Post noted that:

“Debbie has served the people of Florida – first in the Florida State Legislature, and more recently in Congress – for nearly two decades. During that time, she has fought for America’s children, seniors, and men and women in uniform.

In selecting Debbie to lead our party, President Obama noted her tenacity, her strength, her fighting spirit, and her ability to overcome adversity. President Obama expressed great admiration for her as a leader, and he was honored that she accepted this important challenge on behalf of the Democratic Party.

No one should have any doubt that Debbie will work hard to strengthen our party and our country. I hope you will welcome her as President Obama’s choice for the next Chair of the DNC.”

One response to “Debbie Wasserman Schultz new Chair of Democratic National Committee

  1. MathTeacher42

    WOW! is this a decision from the same brain truSt that kicked howard dean to the curb –

    oh, and, by the way –

    the brain trust that let rahm & geithner & summers & the rest of the DLC – clinton sell out hacks completely, totally wreck public enthusiasm for the Democratic brand, such that 60 house seats were lost?

    such that people like right wing nuts walker were elected?

    It is time to STOP blaming the right wing nuts for doing their jobs – I've been listening to excuses from the same ivy'd, well credentialed, well degreed, well titled, well connected, well paid $ell outs since I was a 24 year old 7 buck an hour cook in Tip O'Neil's district in 1984.

    It is time to pass the torch to a NEW generation – and the first step is STOP enabling the Queen Anne set of go along get along yuppie-0-crat$ in yet another rush to the right sell out.

    Bob Murphy
    2126 130th North