46th District Democrats Make Primary Endorsements

The 46th District Democrats met last week and made their endorsements for the upcoming August 16, 2011 Primary Election. Endorsements required a 60% approval vote. Here are the results:

Seattle City Council – Position 1 – Bobby Forch & Jean Godden – dual endorsement

Seattle City Council Position 3 – Bruce Harrell

Seattle City Council Position 5 – Tom Rasmussen

Seattle City Council Position 7 – Tim Burgess

Seattle City Council 9 – Sally Clark

Seattle School Board – District 1 – Peter Maier

Seattle  School Board РDistrict 3 РMichele Buetow

King County Assessor – Lloyd Hara

King County Director of Elections – Sherril Huff

King County Council Position 2 – Larry Gossett

King County Council Position 4 – Larry Phillips

Seattle Port Commissioner – Dean Willard

Seattle Port Commissioner – Gail Tarleton

Seattle Referendum 1 – Tunnel –¬†yes

Families and Education Levy – yes

Veterans and Human Services Levy – yes


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