Miss Bush as President?

The Center for American Progress has put out a list of some of the things that President George Bush did while President. It’s entitled “13 Reasons to be Glad George W Bush is no Longer President“. I’m summarizing the list below based on their list but it is pretty obvious that there are a lot of reasons not to miss Bush as President. Most of the things he did are still causing us problems today, like increasing income inequality and deregulating business and investment activity and politicizing the issue of climate change. It seems some people are already forgetting, so I think it’s a great idea to review his” legacy”. It reminds us that there is a world of difference between how President Obama and President Bush and their respective Parties view the future of America and the priorities they chose.

Here’s the list from the Center for American Progress. Go to their original post to see more details.

  • Authorized the use of torture
  • Politicized climate science
  • Ignored Afghanistan to launch a war in Iraq
  • Botched the response to Hurricane Katrina
  • Defunded stem cell research
  • Required Muslim men to register with the government
  • Reinstated the global gag rule
  • Supported anti-gay discrimination
  • Further deregulated Wall Street
  • Widened income inequality
  • Undermined worker protections
  • Ideological court appointments
  • Presided over a dysfunctional executive branch



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