Majority Rules  is about democracy, both it’s strengths and weakness. It is a call to action.  It is a voice for progressive issues.

Steve Zemke is the principal blogger for Majority Rules. Steve lives in Seattle, Washington in the Northwest United States.

Steve also is the Director of Tax Sanity which is working to close tax loopholes and for progressive tax reform in Washington State and nationally. Tax Sanity is working to pass legislation to create a Tax Expenditure Budget which must be passed every year as part of the biennial budget appropriation process in Washington State.  Tax  Sanity’s website is www.taxsanity.org . They also have a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TaxSanity?ref=hl

Steve is also the Chair of Friends of Seattle Urban Forests. They have a facebook page called Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forests which can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Seattles-Urban-Forest/242265579134563?ref=hl. they are working to increase protection for trees and Seattle’s urban forest. Their website is www.friends.urbanforests.org.

He is  a past Co-Chair of the Legislative Action Committee of the King County Democrats  as well as a past Chair of the King County Democrats in Washington State. He is still active in Democratic politics.

Steve has been involved in a number of statewide initiative campaigns in Washington State. These include:

Initiative-325 – Nuclear Safeguards Initiative

Initiative 61 – Returnable Beverage Container Initiative

Initiative 394 – the Don’t Bankrupt Washington Campaign to control WPPSS spending

Initiative 97 – Toxics Cleanup Campaign

Initiative 99  -for a Presidential Primary in Washington State

Initiative 547 – Keep Washington Liveable – for a Growth Management Act

Initiative 688 – Paycheck Protection Coalition for a minimum wage indexed to inflation




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  1. Dear MajorityRules Blog,

    Where the 2011 Complete List of MDC Endorsements appears, it says that WA State Senate Joint Resolution 8206 was rejected, while we actually endorsed approval. Please make the correction. Please also include:

    Newcastle City Council
    Position 4, Frank Irigon

    Thank you for posting our endorsements.


    Justin Simmons
    President, MDC of Seattle

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