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11th District Democrats 2011 Endorsements

The 11th District Democrats have endorsed the following candidates and issues:

King County
Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (April 2011)
Joe McDermott, King County Council, Position 1, Incumbent, Endorsed by Acclamation
Diana Toledo, King County Council, Position 1, Endorsed

City of Renton
Robin Jones, Position 5, Endorsed

Port of Seattle
Gael Tarlton, Position 2, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Dean Willard, Position 5, Endorsed by acclamation

City of Kent
Bailey Stober, Kent City Council, Position 1, Endorsed

City of SeaTac
Barry Ladenburg, Position 1, Endorsed by acclamation
Mia Su-Ling Gregerson, Position 7, Incumbent, Endorsed by acclamation

City of Seattle
Jean Godden, Position 1, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Maurice Claussen, Position 1, Endorsed
Bobby Forsch, Position 1, Endorsed
Bruce Harrell, Position 3, Incumbent, Early Endorsed, (April 2011)
Tom Rasmussen, Position 5, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Sally Clark, Position 9, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)

City of Tukwila
Pam Linder, Mayor, Endorsed (Unanimous)
Kate Kruller, Position 7, Endorsed (Unanimous)

Hospital District #1
Mary Alice Heuschel, Commissioner

Seattle Referendum 1 – Approve