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45th District Democrats Make Endorsements for 2011

The 45th District Democrats in East King County recently made a series of endorsements for the Primary and General Election for 2011.  The Primary is Tuesday August 16, 2011 and the General Election is Tuesday November 8, 2011. Both the Primary and General Election are all mail in ballots.  The Primary is Top 2 – meaning the top two vote getters, regardless of their party affiliation, go on to the General Election. The deadline to register to vote and change your voting address is July 18, 2011. For more information on Election deadlines go to the King County Elections website.

Primary Endorsements:

King County Council Position 6 – Richard Mitchell

Kirkland City Council – Dave Asher

King County Proposition 1 – Yes

General Election Endorsements:

King County Director of Elections – Sherril Huff

King County Assessor – Lloyd Hara

King County Port Commissioner – Gael Tarleton

King County Port Commissioner – Dean Willard

Kirkland City Council – Jessica Greenway

King County Superior Court – Patrick Oishi

Initiative 1125 – No