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34th District Democrats Primary 2011 Endorsements

Here is a list of candidates and issues endorsed by the 34th District Democrats for the August 16, 2011:

Seattle City Council Position #1: Jean Godden and Bobby Forch (dual endorsement)
•   Seattle City Council Position #3: Bruce Harrell
•   Seattle City Council Position #5: Tom Rasmussen
•  Seattle City  Council Position #7: Tim Burgess
•  Seattle City  Council Position #9: Sally Clark
•   King County Council Position #8: Joe McDermott
•   King County Assessor: Lloyd Hara
•   King County Elections Director: Sherril Huff
•   Port Commission Position 6: Gael Tarleton
•   Seattle “Tunnel” Referendum – “approve” moving forward with the Tunnel
•   Seattle School Director Position  #6: Marty McClaren
•   N. Highline Fire District Commissioner Pos #1: Liz Giba
•   Seattle Families & Education Levy: YES
•   Washington State Court of Appeals Division 1, Position 2: Michael Spearman
•   King County Superior Court Position 24: Patrick Oishi
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District Position 3: Susan Genzale
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District Position 1: Scott Hilsen
•   King County’s Veteran & Social Services Levy: Yes