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37th District Democrats Make 2011 Primary Endorsements

The 37th District Democrats in South Seattle have made their endorsements for the August 16, 2011 Primary.. It is a top 2 Primary with the top 2 voter getters in a race moving on to the November ballot.  It is an all mail in ballot and voters must have their ballots postmarked by Tuesday August 16, 2011 to count,

37th District Democrats Primary Endorsements:

King County Measures

King County Proposition No. 1 Renewal of the Veterans and Human Services Levy


King County Candidates

Joe McDermott – King County Council District 8

Dean Willard – Port of Seattle Commission Position 5

Local and Municipal Candidates

Bobby Forch – Seattle City Council Position 1

Tom Rasmussen – Seattle City Council Position 5

Sally J. Clark – Seattle City Council Position 9

Ed Prince – Renton City Council Position 5

Kate Kruller – Tukwila City Council Position 6

Local and Municipal Measures

City of Tukwila Proposition No. 1 Formation and Funding of Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District