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Bailout 2008: $315 Billion plus $700 Billion = $1 Trillion +

So who’s keeping track of the total bill in dollars that the Federal Government is committing for bailouts?

What’s this talk about a $700 billion bailout? Seems like everyone has already forgotten the other 2008 bailouts the Republican and their free market economy and Wall Street have already foisted on the American taxpayers this year. Seems to me like we’re talking about a Trillion Dollar Bailout Year!

Wasn’t Bear Stearns a $30 billion bailout?

Wasn’t Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a $200 billion bailout?

Wasn’t AIG (American International Group) an $85 billion bailout?

That adds up to $315 billion so far in 2008 and now the latest Wall Street bailout Bush is proposing is for $700 billion more.

Add it up and you’re over $1 trillion dollars.

Shouldn’t we be talking about a trillion dollar bailout? How quickly the other bailouts Bush has committed to seem to get forgotten. What’s next?