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Kucinich Exits Presidential Race, Makes Urgent Appeal for Funds for Contested March 10th Congessional Primary.

Facing the obvious reality that his long shot Presidential campaign was not going to take off, Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich has announced that he is ending his bid for the Presidency and focusing on getting re-elected to Congress.

You can view the video here where he announces his plans to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kucinich frequently was at the top of various Internet polls of Democrats when people selected a Democratic candidate based on their positions on issues. Unfortunately while many Democrats felt he was right on the issues like getting out of Iraq, he lacked the funds and organization to put together a credible national campaign that could compete with Clinton or Obama or even Edwards.

Kucinich received less than 2% of the vote in New Hampshire and lost his main outreach platform when the media started excluding him from the debates. He was excluded from the televised debates in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. He was also excluded from an upcoming debate in California.

Kucinich was a former mayor of Cleveland, Ohio and is a 6 term Congressman in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District. The New York Times says that he is facing “a tough primary fight“. The Democratic Primary for Ohio’s 10th Congressional District is fast approaching on March 10, 2008. Kucinich is facing 4 Democratic challengers.

Running for President has left him open to charges of being a part time Congressman. You can read more about his re-election campaign here on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Election Blog “Openers“.

Kucinich’s re-election website has video and an appeal for funds to help his Congressional re-election campaign. Please consider helping as it would be a shame to lose his voice in Congress.