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Environmental Coalition Picks 2009 Legislative Priorities.

The environmental coalition of groups have picked their 2009 priorities for the Washington State Legislature. Environmental groups in Washington State have been successfully championing a priority list of 3 to 4 bills each year that they concentrate on passing. For 2009, the Environmental Priorities Coalition has picked 4 bills.

The 2009 Environmental Priorities are:

Cap and Invest -“
effort starts by putting a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, and then having polluters pay when they pollute. This new revenue will be invested to reduce fossil fuel dependence and spur new clean-tech innovation, while assisting moderate- and low-income people with volatile energy prices.”

Efficiency First -“will put “efficiency first” by promoting super-efficient, low-energy-use buildings, providing incentives to maximize energy efficiency, requiring energy use information on buildings offered for sale or lease; and making our public buildings models of energy efficiency. This policy will also help to ensure that low-income consumers can cope with rising energy costs.”

Transit-Oriented Communities – “would revise the state’s transportation and land-use planning framework to assist local jurisdictions to plan for growth in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. The bill will provide incentives for cities and developers to create affordable, livable, transit-oriented development, increasing transportation choices.”

Invest in Clean Water –will raise new revenue to fund critical projects to save Puget Sound and restore Washington’s rivers and lakes. By investing in stormwater infrastructure, toxics prevention and other programs, we create new jobs, relieve financial pressure on local government, and promote new economic stimulus.”

The 2009 LEGISLATIVE WORKSHOP for the Environmental Priorities Coalition will be held on Saturday, January 10th, from 9:30 AM to 2:15 PM at Seattle Pacific University, Gwinn Commons, 3310 Sixth Avenue West in Seattle.

This annual event is an opportunity to be involved as the state’s leading environmental groups gear up for the upcoming 2009 session of the Washington State Legislature. The workshop will feature presentations by Washington State Legislators, environmental lobbyists, and others regarding the Environmental Priorities for 2009.

You can register for the workshop by going to their legislative workshop page.