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Cheerleader Bush Yells for Giftmas

Yes Giftmas is upon us. And our intrepid cheerleader Bush not only is trying to rally us to send more troops for sacrifice in Iraq but also to get in the holiday spirit and support Giftmas.

Giftmas is the national holiday that shows support for corporations around the world that are based on ever increasing consumption of goods and materials. In America the Giftmas spirit of worshiping ever increasing consumption levels is tracked closely by watching the up and down gyrations of individual corporations as they report their profits and losses on Wall Street.

As just reported in Marketwatch.com, Bush in his press conference today said “The recent report on retail sales shows a strong beginning to the holiday shopping season across the country,” Bush said. “And I encourage you all to go shopping more.”

After 9-11 Bush you may have remembered also urged people to shop … and to fly on airplanes.

Bush was a Cheerleader in college. It seems he just can’t stop cheerleading for corporate America.