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Rossi’s GOP Party Tries to Disqualify Students in Iowa

The GOP Party is Dino Rossi’s Party – right? That’s what he put on the ballot after his name in Washington State. So what’s this about Iowa GOP Officials trying to disqualify students from voting in Iowa at Grinnell College? Is this something Rossi condones?

You make your own decision. Here’s the link to the article on Huffington Post about “GOP Officials Trying to Disqualify Iowa Student Voters “

You pick your party and these are your people. Rossi is a Republican but has added GOP after his name on the ballot because he apparently isn’t so willing to readily acknowledge it and hopes voters are confused. But sometimes trying to change your party label still doesn’t let you run away from your friends.

Republicans, AKA GOP, in some circles still behave the same. Voter suppression seems more important to them than encouraging people to vote like the Democrats do. I don’t think the GOP picked up many future GOP voters with their tactics in Iowa at Grinnell College.

Call Rossi a member of the GOP or the Republican Party – it doesn’t change the fact that he would be a huge step back for Washington State while the rest of the country is moving solidly Democratic today.

Vote to re-elect Democrat Chris Gregoire as Washington State’s Governor. Let’s move forward with the rest of the country to solve our problems. Rossi represents the failed policies of Bush and Cheney and their failed free market philosophy that opposed regulating corporations and businesses, believing they could police themselves. They were wrong and it makes no sense to put a free market advocate in as Governor and expect that it would be good for our state.

If you haven’t yet voted today the polls in Washington State close at 8 P.M. Absentee ballots must be post marked today to count. Last pick up at most Post Offices today is between 5 and 6 PM.

Absentee ballots in King County can be dropped in ballot boxes until 8 PM tonight. Go to the polling place in your precinct to do that.