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The Winner is Behind the Voting Machine Screen or "My God, Who Really Won?"

Electronic voting machines without verifiable paper voting trails are the winners. Whoever controls the machines decides the vote in the end. Robert F Kennedy, Jr. presents new evidence that electronic voting machines can’t be trusted. ( 9/23 -link now corrected for most recent story) This new evidence mandates that a formal grand jury investigation be initiated into voter fraud.

Our current voting system is a scandal. Many states, including Washington State,use electronic voting machines in one form or another to determine election results. And the public really has no reason to trust the election results controlled by secret code behind the voting screen that can be tampered with and rigged to fix elections. Without a paper record to verify accuracy, only the person who wrote the code knows who really won.

In a just released article in the current edition of Rolling Stone magazine, Kennedy picks up his attack on the disaster that continues to confront the voting public. His new article is entitled Will the Next Election be Hacked? Fresh disasters at the polls — and new evidence from an industry insider –prove that electronic voting machines can’t be trusted”

As Kennedy notes, “The United States is one of only a handful of major democracies that allow private, partisan companies to secretly count and tabulate votes using their own proprietary software. Today, eighty percent of all the ballots in America are tallied by four companies – Diebold, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Sequoia Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic.”

This article provides insider testimony from a former Diebold consultant that the 2002 Georgia election that saw the defeat of Democrat Senator Max Cleland and the Democratic candidate for Governor Roy Barnes was probably rigged. A last minute patch was secretly installed on Diebold machines. With no paper trail, only the machines programmed by Diebold, tallied the final vote.

Earlier this month, tests run by the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University demonstrated just how such a patch could rig an election. The patch would not be active when the machine is tested, would activate when votes are being taken, and would erase itself when voting was done so no trace would be available. Watch the videos yourself.

Kennedy’s article is a must read! After his previous article last spring in Rolling Stone questioning “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”, there was some pickup of it by the traditional media but there was no significant follow-up. In that article he detailed how votes were suppressed in Ohio and elsewhere to benefit Republicans.

His current article continues his investigation with what happened in Georgia in 2002 and discusses numerous other electronic voting machine problems . The inside account by a former Diebold consultant alone should be enough to require that a formal investigation be initiated. Because Congress is run by the Republicans, they have no incentive or motivation to pursue what appears to me to be a major scandal. Any investigation needs to be independent of Republican control. That’s why I suggested a Grand Jury investigation.

Will the traditional media continue to ignore this scandal or will it start doing some investigation and reporting on its’ own? When Media gets concentrated in the hands of a few large corporations and those corporations support the powers to be, investigative journalism and truth gets knocked aside. Time for the blogs to roll with this!

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