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If You Disagree with Tim Eyman he Wants to Send You to Jail

Poor Tim Eyman. Things must really be getting tough for his getting signatures on his anti- government type initiatives. Now he wants that same government to protect him whose funds and services he keeps trying to cut with his initiatives. Tim files lots of initiatives in Washington State. It’s his business.

As he puts it, he doesn’t want people who oppose his initiatives to be “pushing, shoving, touching, spitting, or throwing objects, yelling, screaming, or being verbally abusive, blocking or intimidating” him when he asks them to cut government services like libraries or fixing roads or keeping fire and police stations open.

And he means business because, gasp, he’s filed another initiative. More business.

Anyway, there are already laws against “pushing, shoving, touching, spitting, or throwing objects, yelling, screaming, or being verbally abusive, blocking or intimidation” Its usually goes under the definition of harassment. All you need to do is call 911, Tim. That’s one of the services our tax dollars provide. And fortunately your effort to reduce local tax dollars with Initiative 864 failed so you didn’t further force us to cut local police services.

But existing laws aren’t good enough for Tim it seems. He wants special protection because he is such a special and important person carrying out his, I mean, the people’s business. He also doesn’t want anyone who disagrees with him “being within twenty feet of any person gathering signatures and any person trying to sign a petition.”

In other words Tim wants to abolish free speech, you know, like void the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Well good luck Tim. You’ve joined hands and minds (sic) with President Bush who likewise wants to remove anyone who disagrees with him. But you’re one upping him. He only moves them a mile or two away.

And your penalty for being within 20 feet of Tim Eyman while he’s getting signatures and you say something like “Are you kidding? I won’t sign your initiative and I urge anyone else who can hear me, also not to sign.” A class C Felony. You know like the felony where you lose your right to vote. Oh and a class C felony sends you to jail for at least 1 year and up to 5 years. Tim also wants you to be fined up to $10,000.

Welcome to Tim’s world. Tim, say Hi to Karl the next time you see him.