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Eyman Misrepresentations on I-915!!

Eyman continues to distort the truth whenever he speaks. Eyman claims on his website for his regurgitation of $30 license tabs that “Oregon and Idaho charge a flat low and reasonable fee to license a vehicle” That is not true.

Eyman wants to have all motor vehicles under 20,000 pounds register for $30. For vehicles under 8,000 pounds Oregon charges $27 but compare below:

currently in Washington – 8,000 pound truck $62/year
currently in Oregon 8,000 – 10,000 pound truck $169/year
Eyman initiative proposal – trucks under 20,000 pounds $30/year

currently in Washington 18,000 pound truck $154/year
currently in Oregon 18,000- 20,000 pound truck $291/year
Eyman initiative proposal trucks under 20,000 pounds $30/year

* Eyman figures based on initiative 915 as printed on Washington Secretary of State’s website.
Oregon figures from Oregon Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Oregon license fees for campers and travel trailers are by length of vehicle and goes from $81 for a 6-10 foot camper to $283 for a 40 foot camper. Any of these vehicles weighting less than 20,000 pounds or 10 tons would only be charged $30 under I-915

Likewise Oregon motor homes 6-10 feet long start at $63 and go to $195 /year for a $45 foot long vehicle.

So Eyman is actually urging you to oppose his own initiative when he says Oregon’s fees are “reasonable”

Fees are also higher in Idaho than Eyman proposes here in Washington. Passenger cars and motor home yearly license fees are $35 to $60 depending on vehicle age and county of residence. Passenger vehicles are defined for registration purposes as motor vehicles less than 8,000 pounds. RV license fees are calculated based on market values. Vehicles 8,001 to 26,000 pounds are registered as commercial vehicles.

So Oregon and Idaho license fess are not “flat”. They are not “low” because in many cases, like in Oregon, they exceed Washington’s current fees for trucks. And if Eyman thinks they are “reasonable” then he really has no reason to apply a $30 fee to vehicles up to 10 tons. Idaho’s $35 fee is only for vehicles less than 6,000 pounds!