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Sherman Shoots Ahead, Scully Stumbles in Fundraising in Prosecutor’s Race

Bill Sherman has surged ahead of Keith Scully in fundraising according to the latest reports on the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission website. Both are running to win the Democratic nomination for King County Prosecutor in the August 21, 2007 Primary election.

As of August 13, 2007:

William R Sherman (D) had raised $66,212 and spent $40, 571.

Keith Scully (D) his primary opponent had raised $36,699 and spent $33,883.

Daniel T Satterberg (R), is unopposed in the Primary and has raised $133,538 and spent $41,452.

When the candidates first reported their fundraising on July 24, 2007, Sherman and Scully had raised almost the same amount of money. Sherman had raised $31,947 and Scully had raised $32,016. Sherman doubled his fundraising since July 24, raising another $34,226. Meanwhile Scully’s fundraising fizzled – he only raised another $4,186.

Satterberg, after his first spurt of raising $87,798 by July 24, slowed down and raised half as much – some $45,740 by August 13, 2007.

Donors who maxed out for Bill Sherman with a total of $1400 ($700 for the primary and $700 for the general) include: Todd Achilles, Paul Brainerd, Brian Carnell, Denise Casper, Marc Casper, Will Lewis, Katie Proctor, Lynn S Prunhuber and Jon A Shigley.

Bill Sherman’s donors includes organizational contributions of $700 from SEIU 775, $700 from Washington Conservation Voters, $500 from Progressive Majority Washington D.C., $300 King County COPE, $250 from Amalgated Transit Union, COPE, $200 41st District Democrats, and $100 form the 45th District Democrats.

Satterberg donors who have maxed out at $1400 for the primary and general include: Stephen J Banchero, Chris Bailey, Sam Chapin, Robert L Christie, James Danielson, Richard Drham, Martin J Durkan Jr, Mrs G O Fisher, Cherrel Furiga, Clinton Furiga, Theresa E Gillespie, Gregory Gorder, Kevin R Hughes, Kathryn Johnson, Virginia McLarson, Linda A Lee, Yvonne Anne-Marie Lee, Cheryl W O’Leary, Thomas O’Leary, Ron Perey, John Rindlaub, Sarah Rindlaub, George W Rowley, Richard Satterberg, Bradford L Smith, John Stanton, Rich Wallis, Washington Teamsters, and Robert W Wray.

Former Secretary of State Ralph Munro gave Satterberg $100 and current Secretary of State Ralph Reed gave $50. Former Senator Slade Gorton gave $700.

Bill Sherman’s strong fundraising push before the primary is a strong indication he is the frontrunner in the race in the Democratic Primary. He has picked up most of the endorsements, including the Seattle Times and Seattle PI.

Scully is a good candidate but in the short race to fill the vacancy after King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng died, Bill Sherman’s campaign for the Washington State Legislature last year seems to have given him a strong advantage and momentum. He is also running a strong campaign this year and is a great candidate.