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Reasons to Vote NO on Initiative 1185

 Here is a list of articles and editorials giving reasons why to VOTE NO on TIM EYMAN’S INITIATIVE-1185:

Budget and Policy Center – Six Reasons Why Supermajority Requirements to Raise Taxes Are a Bad Idea

Washington Budget and Policy Center – Supermajority Law’s Damaging Legacy: I-1185 Would Renew A Policy That Has Eliminated Jobs and Thwarted Economic Recovery in Washington State http://budgetandpolicy.org/reports/supermajority-laws-damaging-legacy

SeattlePI.com –  Chamber – Surprise ‘no’ to Eyman Initiative  http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlepolitics/2012/09/12/chamber-surprise-no-to-eyman-initiative/

The News Tribune – I-1185 Voters: Don’t also Expect more state services

Northwest Progressive Institute – Initiative 1185 – an Attack on Democracy

Initiative 1185: An attack on democracy

Everett Herald – Vote No on Eyman’s I-1185

Crosscut – I-1185: Will the Circle be unbroken on Eyman tax measures?

The Daily World – Endorsements-“No” on 1185 & 502, yes on gay marriage“-    http://thedailyworld.com/sections/opinion/columnist/endorsements-%E2%80%94-%E2%80%9Cno%E2%80%9D-1185-502-%E2%80%9Cyes%E2%80%9D-gay-marriage.html

Majority Rules – Corporate Oil and Beer Profits Fuel Eyman’s I-1185 Signature Drive http://www.majorityrules.org/2012/06/corporate-oil-and-beer-profits-fuel-eymans-i-1185-signature-drive.html

Permanent Defense – complete text of King County Superior Court Judge Bruce Heller’s decision in LEV v. State, the lawsuit filed by teachers, parents, and lawmakers against Tim Eyman’s Initiaive 1053.
http://www.permanentdefense.org/materials/searchable-text-of-ruling-in-lev-v-state/ –