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King County Democrats Endorsements for 2011

Last night the King County Democrats had a packed and enthusiastic meeting in Renton to vote on endorsements for candidates running for election this year.  Off year elections mostly feature city and county candidates but also include some school boards. The King County Democrats last night made the following endorsements:

Endorsements by King County Democrats 5/24/2011

King County Director of Elections – Sherril Huff
King County Council Position 6 – Richard Mitchell
Bothell City Council Position 2 – Jennifer Armenta
Covington City Council 1 – Marlla Mhoon
Federal Way City Council 3 – Roger Flygare
Issaquah City Council 4 – Joshua Schaer
Kent City Council 1 – Bailey Stober
Kirkland City Council 4 – Jessica Greenway
Kirkland City Council Position 6 – David Asher
Lake Forest Park Mayor – Mary Jane Goss
Shoreline City Council 6 – Jesse Salomon
Tukwila Mayor – Pam Linder
Seattle City Council Position 1 – Maurice Clausen
Seattle City Council Position 1 – Bobby Forch
Seattle City Council Position 3 – Bruce Harrell
Seattle City Council Position 1 – Jean Godden
Seattle City Council Position 5 – Tom Rasmussen
Seattle City Council Position 7 – Tim Burgess
Seattle City Council Position 9 – Sally Clark
Seattle School Director District 3 – Michelle Buetow
Shoreline City Council – Chris Eggen

The King County Democrats also voted unanimously to oppose people signing and voting for Initiative 1125 and all other initiatives filed by Tim Eyman this year.  The
I-1125 ballot title reads: Initiative Measure 1125 concerns state expenditures on transportation.  This measure would prohibit the use of motor vehicle fund revenue and vehicle total revenue for non-transportation purposes, and require that road and bridge tolls be set by the legislature and be project specific.

The King County Democrats also voted to oppose both signing petitions for or voting for  I-119 and I-1122. The subject of these two initiatives is Immigration policy, and we oppose the policy direction that these initiatives would take the state of Washington.

The King County Democrats also voted to support the upcoming Seattle Family and Education Levy which will be on the November 8, 2011 ballot and the King County Veterans and Human Services Levy which will be on the  August 16, 2011 primary ballot.

Previous Endorsements by King County Democrats  3/22/11

King County Assessor – Lloyd Hara
King County Council Position 2 – Larry Gossett
King County Council Position 4 – Larry Phillips
King County Council Position 8 – Joe McDermott
Seattle Port Commission – Gael Tarleton