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Projected Merkley Victory Would Increase Democratic Total to 57 in US Senate

The Oregonian is projecting Democrat Jeff Merkley as the winner in Oregon. Neither candidate is declaring a winner or loser however as the vote total is still close with some 340,000 votes still not counted out of 1.8 million total votes cast. A large number of the uncounted votes are from Melanoma County and likely Democratic voters as a result.

Meanwhile in Minnesota with the vote count done, Democrat Al Franken is losing to Republican Norm Colman, the incumbent by only 720 votes. The race is going into an automatic recount since a difference less than 15,000 represents the 1/2 of 1 % trigger for a recount. Watch here for Al Franken demanding a recount.

Norm Colman has 1,211,616 votes for 42%.
Al Franken has 1,210,895 votes for 41.97%.

The 3rd undecided Senate race in Georgia is headed for a revote in December by the top 2 vote getters because no one got more than 50% required by Georgia law. The Republican Chambless has 49.9% of the vote.

The 4th undecided race is that of Alaska, where Ted Stevens is holding a slight edge over the Democrat Mark Begich.

Other Senate seats Democrats picked up include:

North Carolina where Kay Hagen defeated Senator Elizabeth Dole

New Hampshire where Jeanne Shaheen defeated Senator John Sununu

Colorado where Mark Udall defeated Bob Schaffer

New Mexico where Tom Udall won.

Virginia where Mark Warner won.

It looks like it will be difficult for Democrats to reach a filibuster proof 60 votes. Also included in the Democratic caucus numbers is Independent Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat from Connecticut who actively campaigned with Republican John McCain in his bid to defeat Obama.

Democrats with their current 1 vote majority have been overly tolerant of Lieberman’s turn coat politics, needing his vote to keep control of the Senate. Things may not be so cordial for Lieberman next year when his vote is not necessary to keep control of the Senate.