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Premature Celebration – Republican Style Iraq Planning.

The Republican controlled Congress, not wanting to be caught unprepared once again, as they were for Hurricane Katrina and post invasion Iraq, has already appropriated $20 million to pay for a celebration of America’s success in Iraq and Afghanistan.The only problem is they haven’t ended the war yet.

New York Times yesterday legislation passed by the Republican Congress empowers:

the president to designate “a day of celebration” to commemorate the success of the armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to “issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe that day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Whoever originated this splendid act of Republican style planning surely would want to be recognized for their efforts . Yet as the NY Times notes no one has stepped forward.

“A spokesman for the Republican-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee said it was protocol not to identify sponsors of such specific legislation, unless they choose to name themselves.”

Yes,Yes, please step forward we would all like to give you a round of applause my friend. Finally someone is planning something, even if it is in fantasyland.
As the Seattle PI says in an editorial today “The Iraq War Celebrate! What?”

Republicans used to preach accountability in government. If the concept still had any meaning, Rumsfeld would have been sacked long ago. And House Speaker Dennis Hastert would have paid attention when a key member started harassing pages. But, hey, let’s have a party. Just like the one that, as Bob Woodward describes in his new book, the White House held on an aircraft carrier three years ago to declare victory in Iraq.