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Rally for the Environment!

The Washington State environmental community continues to grow in strength and sophistication. They met yesterday to rally the troops around their Priorities for a Healthy Washington campaign.

The top priorities for this years legislative session are:

1. Energy Independence Through Renewable Fuels
2. Clean Up Puget Sound
3. Launch Electronics Waste Recyclng
4. Protecting Kids Health by Eliminating Toxic Flame Retardants
5. Defend Land Use Protection

You can go directly to their website by clicking on the link above. A Citizen’s Lobby Day for the Environment will occur in Olympia on Thursday, Jan. 26th. They have a link on the website that you can use to sign up to go.

Over 19 environmental organizations are part of the effort to push the Priorities for a Healthy Washington. Links to their websites are also located on the website.

The whole coordinated effort by the environmental community over the past several years to select priorities and work together is a good role model for the progressive community to work towards.