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Kathleen Drew is a Progressive Majority Endorsed Candidate

Kathleen Drew, who is running for Washington Secretary of State, is a top priority race for Progressive Majority. Washington State was one of the first states that Progressive Majority got involved in.  They have has a good record of helping to elect progressive candidates and are now involved in campaigns in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas in addition to Washington.

Besides Kathleen Drew, here are the other candidates Progressive Majority is prioritizing for help in the Nov 6, 2012 General Election:

Steve Bergquist, State Representative, District 11

Roslynne Reed, Mason County Commissioner, District 2

Marcus Riccelli, State Representative, District 3

Tom Riggs, State Representative, District 10

David Sawyer, State Representative, District 29

Yoshie Wong, State Senator, District 28

 Linda Wright, State Representative, District 39

Here is the short writeup Progressive Majority put up about Kathleen Drew.

Kathleen Drew Kathleen Drew is running for Secretary of State in the state of Washington. She is the only Democratic woman running for constitutional statewide office this year and if elected, will be the first Democrat elected Secretary of State in Washington since 1960. A long-time resident of Washington, Kathleen has a long record of public service marked by the successful advocacy for issues ranging from ethics to environment. In 1992, Kathleen was elected to the State Senate, becoming the youngest woman ever to hold that office. As a public servant, Kathleen wrote the state’s ethics laws for state employees and elected officials and worked with three west coast governors to promote ocean health.

Progressive Majority Targets 20 Key Races in Washington State

Progressive Majority over the last few years has done a tremendous job getting progressives elected to office. Their recruiting and training effort is bringing new faces into the political arena. Their campaign team effort is now active in 8 states – Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin. Here in Washington State they are supporting 20 candidates running for local office in 2010.

Below is a list of the candidates and races.  Go to their State webpage and click on Washington State to get information on the candidates and their campaigns.

Luis Moscosco – Legislative District 1 – House

Andy Billig – Legislative District 3 – House

Dean Willard – Legislative District 5 – House

Laurie Jinkins – Legislative District 27 – House

Tami Green – Legislative District 28 – House

Carol Gregory – Legislative District 30 – House

Peggy Levesque – Legislative District 31 – House

Cindy Ryu – Legislative District 32 – House

Sharon Nelson – Legislative District 34 – Senate

Joe Fitzgibbon – lLgislative District 34 – House

Nick Harper – Legislative District 38 – House

Randy Gordon – Legislative District 41 – Senate

Eric Oemig – Legislative District 45 – Senate

Geoff Simpson – Legislative District 47 – House

Claudia Kauffman – Legislative District 47 – Senate

John Dean – Island County Commissioner

Patricia Terry – Island County Clerk

Joe McDermott – King County Council

Todd Iverson – Pierce County Council

Jean Melious – Whatcom County Council

Progressive Majority Washington Wins 11 of 12 Contested Primary Races

Progressive Majority Washington won big in the August 21, 2007 Primary. Of 12 contested primary campaigns, they only lost 1. Now on to November.

As Dean Nielson, Progressive Majority’s Washington State Director, reported on the Progressive Majority website, they had a “great day“.

One of their biggest victories was that of Brian Sullivan, running for the Snohomish County Council. He beat the conservative Democratic incumbent and is now the favorite to win in the November General Election because the District leans strongly Democratic.

Sullivan’s victory was important because it swings the majority of the Snohomish County Council away from a conservative majority to a progressive majority.

Another Progressive Majority candidate for the Snohomish County Council, Mike Cooper, is also on the November ballot. He is a former Washington State Legislator who previously ran for Washington State Lands Commissioner.

Another big winner was Bill Sherman who won the democratic nomination for King County Prosecuting Attorney.

Progressive Majority’s endorsed candidates who won August 21, 2007 Primary are:

John Lovick – Snohomish County Sheriff
Brian Sullivan – Snohomish County Council #1
Bob Kelly – Whatcom County Council
Dan McShane – Bellingham Mayor
Maureen Judge – Mercer Island City Council #3
Terry Scott – Shoreline City Council #6
Marilyn Strickland – Tacoma City Council #8
Ron Bonlender – Yakima City Council #3
Gael Tarleton – Seattle Port Commission #2
Alec Fisken – Seattle Port Commissioner #5
Bill Sherman – King County Prosecuting Attorney

Other Progressive Majority endorsed candidates on the November 6, 2007 ballot:

Keri Andrews – Bellevue City Council #7
Mike Cooper – Snohomish County Council #3
Ken Mann – Whatcom County Council #2B
Barry Peters – Bainbridge Island City Council #1
Adrienne Fraley-Monillas – Edmonds City Council #5
Strom Peterson – Edmonds City Council #7
David Stemp – Fircrest City Council #3
Russ Olsen – Lacey City Council #1
Suzanne Quigley – Lake Stevens City Council #5
Bruce Bassett – Mercer Island City Council #5
Mia Gregerson – Sea Tac City Council #7
Terry Scott – Shoreline City Council #6
Rose Ehart – University Place City Council #6
Chase Gallagher – Shelton Finance Commissioner
Sili Gallagher – Highline School Board #1
Maren Norton – Shoreline School Board #4

To learn more about the candidates that didn’t yet have a website as well as those that do you can go to Progressive Majority’s national page of 2007 endorsed candidates.