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Vote for Justice Susan Owens for Washington State Supreme Court

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Susan Owens survived the Building Industry Association of Washington’s megabucks primary campaign but she still has to beat her general election opponent on Nov 7, 2006.

Her opponent is the BIAW endorsed conservative Republican legislator Stephen Johnson.

Why vote for Justice Owens?

Two words sum up the difference – experience and independence.

Justice Owens has been a judge for 25 years including the last 6 years on the Washington State Supreme Court. Johnson has never served as a judge on any level.

Justice Owens is not beholden to any special interest like Johnson is. He is being supported aggressively by the Building Industry Association of Washington and other special interests that want to weaken growth management and environmental protection laws in Washington State.

To get more information on this race and other judicial races go to Voting for Judges. This is a great website.

Also you can read an excellent 3 part series on Stephen Johnson done by Noemie Maxwell on WASHblog:

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Religious Right wants Stephen Johnson on Washington Supreme Court

Please vote Nov. 7, 2006 for Justice Susan Owens – the candidate with judicial experience and independence. Her opponent is backed by narrow special interest groups that want an activist court only in the image of their special interest beliefs. Let’s keep the Washington State Supreme Court ruling in the public interest of its citizens, not that of some special interest group.