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Rossi’s GOP Party Tries to Disqualify Students in Iowa

The GOP Party is Dino Rossi’s Party – right? That’s what he put on the ballot after his name in Washington State. So what’s this about Iowa GOP Officials trying to disqualify students from voting in Iowa at Grinnell College? Is this something Rossi condones?

You make your own decision. Here’s the link to the article on Huffington Post about “GOP Officials Trying to Disqualify Iowa Student Voters “

You pick your party and these are your people. Rossi is a Republican but has added GOP after his name on the ballot because he apparently isn’t so willing to readily acknowledge it and hopes voters are confused. But sometimes trying to change your party label still doesn’t let you run away from your friends.

Republicans, AKA GOP, in some circles still behave the same. Voter suppression seems more important to them than encouraging people to vote like the Democrats do. I don’t think the GOP picked up many future GOP voters with their tactics in Iowa at Grinnell College.

Call Rossi a member of the GOP or the Republican Party – it doesn’t change the fact that he would be a huge step back for Washington State while the rest of the country is moving solidly Democratic today.

Vote to re-elect Democrat Chris Gregoire as Washington State’s Governor. Let’s move forward with the rest of the country to solve our problems. Rossi represents the failed policies of Bush and Cheney and their failed free market philosophy that opposed regulating corporations and businesses, believing they could police themselves. They were wrong and it makes no sense to put a free market advocate in as Governor and expect that it would be good for our state.

If you haven’t yet voted today the polls in Washington State close at 8 P.M. Absentee ballots must be post marked today to count. Last pick up at most Post Offices today is between 5 and 6 PM.

Absentee ballots in King County can be dropped in ballot boxes until 8 PM tonight. Go to the polling place in your precinct to do that.

Turdblossom’s Insider’s Guide to Swinging Elections

Here’s a lively thought provoking film produced by wakeupandsaveyourcountry.com called “Turdblossom’s Insider’s Guide to Swinging Elections“. Turdblossom of course is George Bush’s “affectionate” name for his long time buddy and political operative Karl Rove.

Wakeupandsaveyourcountry.com’s “mission, with this funny little film is to educate, activate and EMPOWER millions of voters around this country to put their bodies and hearts on the front lines of the election to protect their vote on November 4th. Share it with everyone you know and then check our website for what you can do to stop election “swinging”!”

It may be easy to shrug off all the various reports of voting machine fraud, voting machine errors and voter suppression but we do so at the peril of our democracy. Republicans are desperate to hold onto the White House and will use every trick they can to gain advantage. I frankly have no confidence in the previous two Presidential elections based on what I have read and heard about.

Make sure you are registered to vote and you meet the deadlines. The last day to register to vote in Washington State is October 4, 2008.

You can register to vote by going to the Secretary of State’s website and going to the voter registration page and checking out the information. You can check to see if you are registered to vote by going to the page entitled “My Vote

If you have moved within the same county you can change your address at the My Vote page

If you need to register for the first time, have moved to a different county or want to become a permanent absentee ballot voter, you can register to do this at the Online Voter Registration page.

Don’t assume you are still registerd to vote. The following remarks are by Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Jason Osgood and posted on Washblog. He expresses concern over the large number of voter registrations that have been cancelled in Washington State.

The incumbent Republican Secretary of State has publicly taken credit for cancelling 400,000 voter registrations. He’s being far too modest.
Between January 2006 and June 2008, the Republican has cancelled 900,000 voter registrations. For the same period, 500,000 new registrations have been added. That’s a net loss of 400,000 voter registrations.
It’s been very difficult to determine why all these voters have been cancelled. During our first debate, the incumbent brushes off criticism by saying these registrations were duplicates, people who’ve died, and felons. That accounts for 25% of the cancellations.
However, 75% of the cancellations have no explanation whatsoever. Not dead, not felons, not duplicate records.
I don’t understand this. Washington State continues to grow. We’re mounting record voter registration drives. And yet, we have fewer registered voters.
It seems to me the total number of voters should be going up, not down. “

Check today to see that you are still registered to vote. Go to My Vote.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Lawsuit Next Step!

Robert F Kennedy Jr. in an interview in PR Week today said he would soon “be announcing lawsuits against some of the individuals and companies involved.” in the 2004 Ohio election.

Two weeks ago in Rolling Stone, Kennedy asserted that “the Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted — enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.”

Who are some of the possible people that could be sued? In the interview today Kennedy said that “The mastermind behind the efforts in Ohio was Kenneth Blackwell, along with …[Toledo elections official] Bernadette Noe. But on a national level, it’s [Republican National Committee chairman] Kenneth Mehlman and Karl Rove..”

When PR Weekly responded that the election was long over Kennedy responded that “There’s another election soon … the same people are up to the same shenanigans .”

Well Kennedy is to be again commended. It doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to realize that if the Republicans got away with it twice before, well why wouldn’t they do the same practices again this year. The question is – where’s the rest of the Democrats?

What also still is lacking is that very little of the mainstream media covered Kennedy article. While its not new because as he notes it been out there before, what is new is the pulling together in one place a condensed version of how the Republicans did it. And what deserves attention is that the Republicans have no intention to ever investigate this. But where is the “independent” media? Maybe it sold out too.

Bloggers are able to speak out and that is refreshing. They have fewer limits on their freedom of questioning and will increase in influence as the rest of the media drifts away from public credibility.

I think where litigation is needed, is going to court to review election plans like in Ohio now before the election to insure that adequate voting machines are available and that procedures are fair and uniform procedures regarding voter registration and provisional ballots are in place.

Kerry’s proposal of same day voter registration makes sense so voters not on the rolls on election day can still cast a provisional ballot without being turned away. And vote by mail also would eliminate some of the suppression efforts.

What is amazing here is that Bush and his cronies are self righteously promoting voting and representative democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq while subverting the same process at home.

And Americans seem not to be outraged. It’s time to wake up. America is only as good as we make it. Without fair elections those elected have no legitimacy.