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Initiative 920 – Message from William H. Gates

The lawyer, and father of Bill Gates of Microsoft, William H. Gates has written the following important message for Washington voters. I received it in an email from the Noon920 Campaign.

“I hope that you will join me in voting No on Initiative 920 this November 7th. This misguided initiative will gut $100 million a year from funding our schools and have real consequences, like higher class size for the young people of Washington.
Initiative 920 would repeal the state estate tax, a tax that only the wealthiest in our state pay. In fact, 99.5% of Washingtonians don’¬ít pay the tax. With a threshold of $4 million per couple, less than 250 estates a year pay this tax and family farms are fully exempt.
Join me in preserving critical funding for public education, and the only fair and progressive tax we have in Washington State.”

William H. Gates,co-author of Wealth and our Commonwealth

The Noon920 campaign has the following additional recommendation:

Next week the ballots drop in the mail around the state.
As people start to vote, please reach out to your friends, family and neighbors and encourage them to vote NO on 920.
If you’re a part of an organization, please reach out to your members and alert them to the importance of voting NO on 920.
Also encourage them to endorse the campaign through our website at www.NoOn920.org and contribute as they can.

Send your friends and family in Washington state a copy of this page by clicking on the e-mail link below – it looks like a little envelope.

And encourage them also to vote:

No on Initiative 933 – the developer’s initiative to end zoning, growth management and environmental protections and
Yes on Initiative 937 to promote use of renewable clean energy