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Al Gore Catches Up!

Back on December 29th of last year we gave our support to the effort started by the ACLU to call for an appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate whether President Bush broke the law and violated the US Constitution with its illegal wiretapping. In fact we called for the impeachment of President Bush because we feel that the President should follow the rule of law like everyone else. He and his Republican corporate cronies obviously believe and act otherwise.

On Monday Al Gore joined the fray by calling for an independent counsel to investigate Bush. In a Reuters article Gore is quoted as saying that “A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of government.”

You can read more of Al Gore’s comments by visiting the blog by Goldy at horsesass.org where I first caught the story.

Our concern is that the wiretapping may only be a symptom of a larger problem, namely that national security may not be the only area where Bush’s may be trying to increase the power of
the Presidency and skirting the law to do it. I’m sure they can make the strength of the economy as a justification for many of their actions. Time will tell.