Fat in the State Budget

Eyman has filed his annual “money maker for the sponsor” initiative to decry once again the evil villains of state government who want poor carowners to pay more than $30 a year for the priviledge of driving their car. One fee for all he says, even motorhomes and trucks.

Vehicles up to 20,000 pounds or 10 tons would now pay only $30 instead of $171. The problem is heavier vehicles do more wear and tear on roads and should pay more. Eyman is trolling for votes. Eyman wants taxpayers who have smaller vehicles to subsidize the road system for those doing the most damage.

Eyman has actually filed 5 initiatives to the people this year:

I-913 relating to revenue and fee increases
I-914 relating to prohibiting discrimination and preferential treatment
I-915 – relating to motor vehicle charges
I-916 – relating to transportation
and an unnumbered one relating to motor vehicle charges

The reason he does this is to try to get a “good ” ballot title from the Attorney General’s office.
He uses taxpayer dollars to try to perfect a ballot title and summary he likes.

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