Washington State Congressional Campaigns Heating up!

Interest has been picking up on the internet in the 3 Congressional House seats in Washington state where Democrats are challenging Republican incumbents.

These are the :

WA 8th CD – Democrat challenger Darcy Burner vs incumbent Dave Reichert

WA 5th CD – Democrat Peter Goldmark vs incumbent Cathy McMorris

WA 4th CD – Democrat Richard Wright vs incumbent Doc Hastings

In the 8th Congressional District Democratic candidate Darcy Burner (WA 8) is literally burning a hole in the seat of the pants of incumbent Dave Reichert. You have to have your pants on fire to call President Bush in to help you these days, considering Bush’s low approval ratings. Yet this is just what Reichert has done.

In an article written by Neil Modie of the Seattle PI, it is confirmed that Bush will be coming to attend a private fundraiser for Reichert on June 16 th at the home of Microsoft executive Peter Neupert. It will cost $1000 a head to see President Bush close up. For only $10,000 you can get a picture with Bush. That money will be donated to the state Republican Party.

Neil notes that this is the President’s only stop in the state. As such I am sure that the President is officially taking time off from his busy job at the White House and that the cost for the plane, secret service time and all the rest will be paid for by the National Republican Party or come out of campaign funds raised, since attending a political fundraiser is not an official duty of the President of the United States.

And I am also sure that Washington State taxpayers will not have to pay for any additional local police and security forces due to the President attending a private political fundraiser on his own time. After all we’re already paying billions of taxpayer dollars for the President’s private war for oil in Iraq that he pawned onto a gullible Congress and American taxpayers.

Darcy Burner, meanwhile had a fundraiser yesterday with Congressman Rahm Emanuel -Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.see writeup at the NPI Blog.

In the 5th Congressional District race in Eastern Washington, Democrat Peter Goldmark held his official kickoff in Spokane last week and did a three day tour of events to reach out to voters. A series of articles and blogs document the increased interest in this race.

In the 4th Congressional District more attention is emerging for Democrat Richard Wright who is running against incumbent” lack of action” House Ethics Committee Chair Doc Hastings.

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