Dollars for Democrats – Contribute to Peter Goldmark, Darcy Burner, and Maria Cantwell Today

Click now on MajorityRulesBlog’s ActBlue link to contribute to the Congressional campaigns of three Democrats that need our help. Today June 30th is the deadline for second quarter contributions from April through June, 2006. Campaigns must submit their reports by July 15.

This quarter’s reports will be viewed very closely by the media, campaign consultants, pollsters, pundits, opponents, and others as an indication of the strength of a candidate’s campaign. So if you’ve thought about giving a contribution, today is a good day to do so. And if you haven’t thought about making a contribution, shame on you. Again click on ActBlue now.

ActBlue is the online clearinghouse for Democratic candidates. It is set up nationally and is proving to be a valuable addition to the ways candidates and their supporters can reach out to people on the internet.

The stakes in who controls Congress are critical. Without control of either the House or the Senate, our present totally one party governemnt will continue to run over the rights of average citizens in favor of the corporations and multimillionaires.

They will continue to add right wing conservatives to the Federal Courts, and as if the present Republican Supreme Court lackeys aren’t bad enough, just think what it will be like if another Bush appointee reaches the Supreme Court.

A day ago they endorsed DeLay’s partisan Republican power grab of Texas redistricting and you can expect more of that nowin other states. And don’t forget in 2000 they were the ones that voted to put George Bush in office, not the voters of this country. They stopped the Florida recount. If the voter recount had been stopped in Washington it would have been Governor Rossi. The Republican Supreme Court system is for process only as long as they are winning.

So starting at the top. Here are my recommendations:

We need to keep Maria Cantwell as Washington’s U.S. Senator

Next are the Democratic candidates for the 2 U.S. House seats currently held by Republicans:

Peter Goldmark – Washington’s 5th Congressional District

Darcy Burner – Washington’s 8th Congressional District

You can contribute to these candidates by going to the MajorityRulesBlog page at Act Blue.
Clicking on this link will also let you connect to the websites of each of the candidates if you want to check out their campaign’s a little closer.

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