Senator Cantwell Opposes Republican’s Attempt to Cut Washington’s Minimum Wage!

Thank you Senator Cantwell for speaking out against the phony hypocritical tactics of the Republicans in Congress regarding their so called minimum wage increase.

In a guest post on the Northwest Progressive Institute’s blog Cantwell said:

I cannot support what amounts to a minimum wage penalty for over 122,000 Washington minimum wage earners. Why would the federal government work to lower the maximum wage rather than setting a minimum protection?

I am not buying this cynical Republican ploy.”

Workers and families not just in Washington State, but also in California, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Alaska, would actually see a decrease in their already low wages because of the so called tip provision.

But in a sop to the Restaurant Industry, the proposed legislation in Congress does not just affect these seven states. It would put into law for all states the use of tips to pay the minimum wage. The new Federal statute would preempt any future action by other states to raise state minimum wages in the future, without including tips in calculating the minimum wage base.

Republicans in the same bill are also pushing to further cut estate taxes for multimillionaires. The estate tax is frequently on property and stocks that have appreciated in value. Eliminating the estate tax on this property lets this appreciated value escape taxation when it is passed on to the next generation.

Loss of funds from the estate tax will further limit the ability of the Federal Government to provide a safety net for our country’s most needy families. This is too great a cost to trade off for a minimum wage increase that actually cuts the wages for many present working families.

Again thanks Senator Cantwell for speaking out and helping to clarify what the Republicans are actually proposing!

This is another reason why Senator Cantwell deserves our help in getting re-elected. As I was driving home today I heard on the radio that McGavick says he supports this legislation.

You can make a donation to support Senator Cantwell’s re-election by clicking here on the MajortiyRulesBlog ActBlue link. All monies will go to the Cantwell campaign.

You can also help the campiagn in other ways by going to the website for the Cantwell campaign.

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