Hastings Says Speaker Hastert Has Done "an Excellent Job."

Rep Doc Hastings knows who his boss is. It’s Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. So when your boss asks you to investigate his role in a sex scandal, what do you say?

“I think the Speaker has done an excellent job.”

See the video over at Think Progress and Hastings’ attempt to take his words back.

So what would you do if your boss asked you to investigate his role in covering up a sex scandal?

Rep Doc Hastings, represents Eastern Washington’s 4th Congressional District. Hastings was appointed to Chair the House Ethics Committee in 2005 by Hastert. The Committee has been fairly inactive since Hastings appointment after Hastert removed the previous chair and 3 other Republicans who were critical of Tom DeLay.

Hastings is being challenged in his reelection campaign by Democrat Richard Wright.

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