Enough Mike, It’s Time for You to Apologize!

Mike McGavick’s campaign for US Senate has degenerated into a joke. I kid you not. McGavick is calling on his opponent Democratic – US Senator Maria Cantwell – to apologize for Senator John Kerry’s inability to tell a joke.

I really don’t think this campaign is about who can tell a joke better. But apologizing that’s something else.

So if we’re down to the apologizing phase of the campaign, let’s forget the jokes Mike. Are you ready to apologize for a few things your chosen party, the Republicans, and Congress and President Bush have done that really matter to Washington voters? Things like:

-falsely involving us in an unnecessary war in Iraq
-not finishing the war in Afghanistan
-creating more terrorists worldwide, making us less secure
-increasing the tax burden on future generations
-not raising the minimum wage
-using earmarks to pay for pet projects
-weakening the U.S. Constitution
-giving huge tax breaks to the wealthiest and token tax breaks to the rest of us
-increasing the cost of student loans and college education
-selling out to corporate interests on environmental issues
-supporting oil companies’ interests over consumer interests
-opposing efforts to decrease global warming
-opposing making cars and trucks more fuel efficient
-not working to make us energy independent
-drafting legislation behind closed doors
-unethically accepting money from corporate lobbyists
-working to divide our country rather than bringing us together
-supporting drug company profits over helping seniors on low budgets
-creating a world hostile to US interests
-not working for affordable healthcare
-pushing to reduce the security of social security
-letting legislation expire to make the polluter pay
-trying to sell off public lands to private interests
-trying to turn social security over private interests

The list could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

And by the way Mike your Iraq ad is rather pathetic, criticizing Cantwell and saying your plan is to “Beat the terrorists, partition the country and get our troops home , in victory”

Yes Mike that is some plan. Why don’t you talk to your Leader and tell him to “beat the terrorists.” He hasn’t made much headway has he?

Any other ideas Mike?

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