Voting in Washington State on November 7, 2006

One of the biggest dangers for Democrats on election day 2006 is overconfidence. And the other is the complacency of Democratic leaning voters who don’t like what the Republicans are doing to this country but who choose not to vote anyway. Added to this mix is the fact that for the last 6 days it’s been raining Orcas and salmon in the Puget Sound area – reducing the doorbelling outreach of volunteers.

Too many positive sounding polls and unwarranted optimism for “change is coming” with or without me can kill the best hopes of Washington State Democrats helping to win back Congress. Republicans are fighting with everything they have to the bitter end. Democrats and progressives need to do likewise.

Ever see one of those last minute Hail Mary passes that win a game with only seconds to go? The game isn’t over until the last seconds tick off.

Remember the months long Gregoire recount that finally carried the day with hardly an extra vote to spare? Gregoire was the sure winner in the beginning against a little known Republican. And the election fight to win had to continue long after the last vote was turned in.

The only poll that counts is the one taken on Tuesday November 7, 2006.

There are several ways you can still help increase turnout for change. has phone numbers of voters that people can call from home today and tomorrow.

You can also e-mail the Washington State Democrats to help through the polls closing at 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday.

The expectation of the Washington Secretary of State is that only two thirds of the state’s registered voters will vote in what is a national referendum on Bush and Iraq. So if Republicans, even by one seat, squeak out retaining control of Congress, the next two years will be hell for Democrats as things will continue downhill. They will still run Congress and call the shots. Expect that any resolution of Iraq will pass on to the next President 2 years from now.

So get your absentee ballot in the mail now or vote in person on Nov 7th. Voters in 34 of Washington’s 39 counties will vote by mail only. Voters in King, Pierce, Kittitas, Klickitat and Island County will be able to vote absentee or in person.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked Nov 7, 2006 or earlier to be accepted. Make sure you put your ballot in a mailbox that will pick the mail up on Nov 7th. Mail postmarked Nov 8 will not be counted. Put 2 stamps on the envelope as the envelope with ballot weights more than 1 ounce. The postage required in King County is 63 cents.

Most counties will also have dropoff points that you can put your absentee ballot in on Tuesday but check with your county auditor or their website to clarify locations and deadlines.
Click here to see the Washington State list of
county auditors websites, e-mails and phones numbers .

If you have any questions, like verifying where you can vote in person or for other voting registration click on the same link.

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