Jason Osgood Drops Out of Race for King County Elections Chief

Jason Osgood sent out a press release this evening announcing that he is withdrawing from the race for King County Director of Elections. Osgood just finished a grueling unsuccessful race this year for Washington State Secretary of State.

Osgood is endorsing Sherril Huff – the current head of King County Elections as the most qualified for the office.

A big concern is that with multiple candidates and no primary, the possible vote split will see a winner with only 20 to 30% of the votes cast.

The Republicans who put together the Initiative for this election did not do the voters in King County any favors by the quick election process and not having a Primary. Right now the race favors the candidate with the best name familiarity and/or the best access to special interest money. This is the problem with making the office elected.

Below is the press release put out by Osgood earlier this evening:

December 9, 2008
*** For Immediate Release ***
Jason Osgood Supports Sherril Huff for King County Director of Elections

The following statement was issued today by Jason Osgood:

Sherril Huff today announced her intention to run as a candidate in the February 3rd special election scheduled to fill the position of King County Director of Elections. Huff is currently the appointed head of the department and is now the most experienced and best qualified candidate seeking this position. Her exemplary performance in the November general election clearly demonstrated that Huff is the most logical choice in this race. I have therefore withdrawn my candidacy for King County Director of Elections, effective immediately, and am fully supporting the candidacy of Sherril Huff.

I had an opportunity to speak with Sherril Huff earlier today. After congratulating her, I reiterated my commitment to advocating for open source alternatives to current King County election systems of which I and others have been critical. Huff expressed a willingness to work together on achieving shared goals and advancing the cause of election integrity in King County. I am confident that in the months and years ahead we will all move forward together.

These last nine months have been an extraordinary experience, first as a candidate for Secretary of State, and recently as a candidate for King County Director of Elections. I am incredibly grateful for the amazing support I have received from so many citizens, activists and fellow Democrats. I have learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and had the time of my life. I have no regrets. Thank you all.




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