46th District Democrats Make Primary Endorsements

The 46th District Democrats had a long meeting last night at Olympic View Elementary School in North Seattle. Some surprises emerged as the endorsement process in some races took 3 ballots to reach a final outcome. To receive endorsement, a candidate had to receive a 2/3 vote of members voting.

The Seattle Mayor’s race saw Joe Mallahan receive strong support, with incumbent Greg Nickels coming in second. Here are the vote totals for nominated candidates, who had to declare they were Democrats and file a questionaire with the King County Democrats:

Jan Drago 16
Joe Mallahan 46
Michael McGinn 25
Greg Nickels 31
Norm Sigler 8
no endorsement 3

On the second ballot between the top two votes, Mallahan almost received the 2/3 vote necessary for endorsement but came up short.

Joe Mallahan 76
Greg Nickels 39
no endorsement 8

Some controversy continued over the fact that the rules said the second vote should have only been between the top two votes and not included a vote on no endorsement. By the time the issue was revisited at the end of the meeting the body decided not to revote because some of those who voted earlier had left, believing the vote was final.

The end result was that no candidate was endorsed for Mayor.

Seattle City Council Position 4

Three candidates were nominated. The first vote was:

Sally Bagshaw 37
David Bloom 72
Dorsal Plants 14
no endorsement 1

David Bloom won the second vote and was endorsed:

Sally Bagshaw 37
David Bloom 85

Seattle City Council Position 6

The first vote:

Jessie Israel 35
Martin Kaplan 7
Nick Licata 79

Nick Licata received the endorsement on the second vote.

Jessie Israel 32
Nick Licata 87

Seattle City Council Position 8

Six candidates were running for Position 8

The first vote was:

Bobby Forch 17
David Miller 51
Michael O’Brien 16
Robert Rosencrantz 12
Jordan Royer 11
Rusty Williams 6
no endorsement 2

The second vote saw David Miller come within 1 vote of winning the 2/3 needed.

Bobby Forch 34
David Miller 67

The group then voted for a dual endorsement for Bobby Forch and David Miller.

King County Executive

Only two candidates were nominated for endorsement;

Dow Constantine 58
Larry Phillips 50
no endorsement 4

The second vote saw the numbers switch by not significantly.

Dow Constantine 47
Larry Phillips 56

A vote was then taken and passed for a dual endorsement for Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips.

Port Commissioner Position 3

Rob Holland received the 2/3 necessary on the first vote and was endorsed.

Rob Holland 83
Al Yuen 13

Port Commissioner Position 4

Max Vekich was the only candidate nominated and received the necessary 2/3 vote on a show of hands.

Referendum 1 -regarding a 20 cent fee on disposal shopping bags.

Referendum 1 received the necessary 2/3 vote for approval on the first vote by a counted show of hands.

approve 64
reject 21
no endorsement 1

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