So How Would You Spend $1,431,259?

Over the next 18 days the American Chemistry Council will finish spending all of it’s $1,431,259 against Referendum 1. Referendum 1 is a measure to charge a 20 cent fee for throwaway bags at large stores in Seattle in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution.

According to the American Chemical Industry, Referendum 1 is the Seattle government’s attempt to steal people’s money by forcing them to pay an outrageous 20 cents for a bag if they forget to bring a reusable bag when they go to the store.

Let’s just ignore the fact that the plastic bag industry makes an incredible estimated $4 billion each year in the United states from selling those “free” plastic bags you get at the grocery store. Who do you think pays that $4 billion? Could it be out of the pockets of consumers like you and me if we use plastic bags instead of bringing our own reusable bags?

So spending $1,431,259 is a small cost to them to try to preserve their profit making business.

Here’s some of what the Campaign Against Referendum 1 has reported they are spending money on:

63,970 phone id calls… $51,035

2 ads in Seattle Times … $43,154

Seattle … $25,000… $40,000

produce 60 radio spots… $9,351.46


3 tracking polls… $64,000

website design … $8,935

conduct 1000 interviews, CHAID and cluster analysis … $35,000

build voter file… $24,800

mailers to 105,000 voters-production… $41,881

4,700 voter registration letters… $11,156

22,140 Recruitment Mailers Production … $17,830

Consulting – Pacific Issue Mgt… $20,000

Develop blogging campaign… $5,000

GC Strategic Advocacy Retainer … $80,000

105,000 Mailers – Production… $51,375

Postage 105,000 mailers… $51,375

Email program -list match … $4,998

graphic design and programming … $12,900

graphic layout … $5,400

copyrighting services … $5,882

Blog strategist … $882

Travel/office expense… $9,886

copyrighting services… $5,882

postage for recruitment mailers… $6,810

postage for mailers … $27,795

e-mail program 3 rounds of e-mail blasts… $8,250

e-mail Program – Copy and design… $5,300

There’s more but I think you get the idea.

So are you convinced yet? I think our local Seattle economy could use a little bit more economic stimulation before we should call uncle and give in to their oil profit motivated propaganda.

Vote Yes on August 18, 2009 on Referendum 1 and keep some of that $4 billion in spare change in your own pocket that they take from US consumers each year by pushing throwaway plastic bags .

Go to the Seattle Green Bag Campaign website to get more information about the citizens campaign to pass Referendum 1. They ask that you “Send a Message to Big Oil: Hands off Seattle. Vote Yes on Referendum 1.

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