Realtors Vote to Oppose Eyman’s Budget Freeze Initiative 1033

As reported by the Kitsap Sun today, The Washington Association of Realtors came out today in opposition to Tim Eyman’s Budget Freeze Initiative 1033. The Realtors noted in their press release that:

“Initiative 1033 poses a threat to the quality of Washington schools, roads and other infrastructure, and basic services, according to the Washington Association of REALTORS®, who today announced the large organization will not support the measure. Initiative 1033 would cap revenue collections by the state, cities, and counties based on inflation and population growth. …

The economy is looking up, but we’re a long way from full recovery—and tax increases will simply delay the economic come-back that Washington families so desperately need,” said Wright, a Chelan Realtor. “We all should be focusing on how to improve the quality of life in Washington communities. That means good jobs, safe and beautiful communities, and strong schools.”

In August, the Washington Realtors’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee reviewed the provisions of I-1033 and delivered a “do-not-support” recommendation to the organization’s Legislative Steering Committee. Today the committee adopted the recommendation, voting on behalf of its more than 19,000 members. “

The Washington Association of Realtors join a number of other businesses groups opposing Initiative 1033, including the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Seattle Business Association and Microsoft. The Association of Washington Business voted to stay neutral.

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