A Plethora of Blog Posts AgainstTim Eyman’s Initiative 1033

We’ve written quite a few posts against Tim Eyman’s budget freeze Initiative 1033 over the last several months. You can check them out here:

Initiative 1033 is a Freeze on Public Services

Great Grassroots Video Telling the Truth About I-1033

Initiative 1033 Transfers Tax Burden onto Lower Income Taxpayers

A Better Way to Help Struggling Families than I-1033

Are You Ready to Play a Game of TimCity 2009?

Washington State on Path to Dysfuctional Government?

No on 1033 Releases First TV Ads

Initiative 1033 is Recycled Discredited Trickle Down Theory

Washington State Democrats Oppose Initiative 1033 and Support Referendum 71

The Joke is Eyman’s Initiative 1033

Initiative 1033’s Fatal Flaw

No on I-1033 Officially Kicks off Campaign

No on Initiative 1033 Campaign Releases Video on Colorado’s Experience

The Hidden Agenda to Radically Change Representative Government and Our Tax System in Eyman’s Initiative 1033

Realtors Vote to Oppose Eyman’s Budget Freeze Initiative 1033

Tim Eyman Thinks Voters are Dumb

Initiative 1033 Will Dig Us Deeper into Recession Economics

What’s Wrong with Eyman’s Initiative 1033?

A Better Alternative to Help Struggling Property Owners than Initiative 1033

Kemper Freeman’s Shortsighted $25,000 Contribution to Eyman’s Initriative 1033

A Warning on Initiative 1033 from California

Initiative 1033 Cuts $8.7 Billion from Public Services by 2015

Initiative 1033 – Abolishing Local Control of Cities and Counties

Initiative 1033 – Eyman’s Sugar Coated Poison Pill

Renters Beware! Eyman’s Initiative 1033 Will Rip You Off

Eyman’s I-1033 Says Paying Corporate Property Taxes More Important than Educating State’s Kids

Initiative 1033 Offers Taxpayers Free Lunch

Watch Video on Why I-1033 Would be Bad for Washington State

Why I-1033 Limits on Spending Growth Won’t Work

Eyman Continues to Use Erroneous Information to Support I-1033 Overtaxed Rant

Did Eyman Forget to Turn in all His Petitions for Initiative 1033?

List Growing of Organizations Opposing Initiative 1033

Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033 Overtaxed Hoax

Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033 Grassroots Joke

New Report Confirms Initiative 1033 Will Make Recovery Worse for Washington State

Initiative 1033 – Eyman’s Latest Wealth Transfer Scheme

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