Facebook Opposition to McKenna Now Exceeds Opposition to Eyman’s 1033

The Internet is bubbling with outrage at Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna’s partisan decision to try to join Washington State to an effort by 12 other states to overturn the just passed national health reform bill. An indication of the pushback by the public is that the number of people joining the Facebook page Washington Taxpayers OPT OUT of Rob McKenna’s lawsuit  is growing faster than I can type this post.

Just started 2 days ago the number as of 11:54 AM today is at 12,608 and  now exceeds the number of people on another recent surge of FACEBOOK outrage, people opposing Eyman’s I-1033 which went down to a decisive defeat in  November. The Anti-1033 site, No on 1033 has 12,212.

At 12:15 PM (I took a phone call) the anti McKenna lawsuit page now has 12,713.  The number is growing at a rate of 200 to 400 an hour right now.  Add your name to the facebook page by going to Washington Taxpayers OPT OUT of Rob McKenna’s lawsuit.

It’s 12:29 and the nmber is now 12,766.

Rob McKenna has two Facebook pages up.

Rob McKenna the Politician has 1797 fans.  The site Rob McKenna has 3097. Looks like a lot more people don’t like what Rob McKenna is trying to do to right now than want to be his fan or friend.

I think McKenna made a big miscalculation in joining with the Tea Party fanatics and those in the Republican Party of No in opposing health care reform. This can’t be good news for his ambitions to be Governor. At least you now know where McKenna’s real allegiances are after his many year front of trying to be positioned as a consumer advocate representing the public good.  I guess health care for Washington citizens doesn’t rank up there with the potential for corporate dollars from special interests or wanting to befriend Tea Party fanatics or not being able to be independent of the Republican Party of No’s strategy to say no to everything.

12:40 PM  12,821 – still growing
12:48 PM  12,846

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