Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle Makes Endorsements for 2011 Elections

The Metropolitan Democratic Cub of Seattle at their last meeting completed their endorsements for the August 16, 2011 Primary. They also made some endorsements which are for candidates and issues on the November 8, 2011 ballot but not the Primary..  At their September 28, 2011  meeting they will make the rest of their endorsements for the November ballot.

Of particular note, they did not endorse any of the incumbent Seattle School Board members following the trend of most other  endorsements by other Democratic organizations. They endorsed 4 of the 5 incumbent Seattle City Council members, but did not endorse anyone in position 7 currently held by Tim Burgess. Democrat Richard Mitchell received the endorsement in the King County Council race for the seat in east King County currently held by Republican Jane Hague.

King County Council

Position 2, Larry Gossett

Position 4, Larry Phillips

Position 6, Richard Mitchell

Position 8, Joe McDermott

King County Elections Director

Sherril Huff

King County Assessor

Lloyd Hara

Port of Seattle

Position 2, Gael Tarleton

Position 5, Dean Willard

Seattle City Council

 Position 1, Jean Godden

Position 3, Bruce Harrell

Position 5, Tom Rasmussen

Position 9, Sally Clark

Seattle School Board

Position 1, Sharon Peaslee

Position 2, Kate Martin

Position 3, John Dunn

Position 6, Marty McLaren

Court of Appeals Division 1, District 1, Position 2

Michael Spearman

 Referendum 1 (pertaining to the tunnel)

endorsed approval

King Cou nty Proposition 1 – (Veterans and Human Services Levy)

endorsed approval

Families & Education Levy (Seattle)

endorsed approval

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