Progressive Organizations

Washington State:


Economic Opportunity Institute

“The Economic Opportunity Institute is an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit public policy center working to restore the promise of the middle class. Through research, education and advocacy, we shape public debate and advance new policy ideas to build an economy that works – for everyone…

Our Vision

We seek to restore the promise of the middle class – educational opportunity, a good job, healthy families and workplaces, and a dignified retirement – and ensure sustainable, equitable funding for Washington’s public services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge new public policies that promote long-term economic security and opportunity for Washington’s middle class workers and families, and ensure the benefits of prosperity are broadly available to all those who contribute to it.

How We Work

We work to advance new public policies that promote high-quality education, high-road economic development, modern work-life standards, retirement security, and shared investments in our common future. We pursue change by publishing research, shaping public debate and catalyzing policy initiatives that help make Washington State a better place to live, work and do business.”


Washington Budget and Policy Center

“The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is an independent, progressive policy organization that works to create a just and prosperous state through sound research and analysis…

Our respected policy analysts seek to shape our state’s budget discussions. We pay particular attention to how Washington’s spending and revenue practices impact low and moderate-income families…

What we do:
  • Comprehensive budget and policy analysis. We identify and analyze current fiscal issues and priorities; track budgeting trends over time; and analyze the impact of both revenue and spending policies on Washingtonians – especially low and moderate-income residents.
  • Alternative proposals and effective solutions. We provide analysis and evidence-based alternatives in all areas of budget and fiscal policy. We develop budget solutions, long-term fiscal strategies, and identify best practices from other states as alternatives to existing programs and policies.
  • Public awareness and civic engagement. We use our research and analysis to educate the public about the facts, enabling greater civic understanding and participation in state budgeting matters. We use many methods of communication to ensure that our findings have the greatest impact on public policy debates.”


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