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Larry Phillips Leads Fundraising for King County Executive

In the latest fundraising totals available from the Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission, King County Counclimember Larry Phillips has raised some $395,173 through June 30, 2009 in his bid to fill the King County Executive seat vacated by Ron Sims.

Fellow King County Councilmember Dow Constantine has raised some $282,033.

The sole Republican running in the race Susan Hutchinson reported raising $211,976.

Representative Ross Hunter has raised some $194,382.

State Senator Fred Jarrett has raised $87,100.

Only two of these candidates will go on to the November election. The Primary Election date is August 18, 2009. All King County voters will be mailed a ballot several weeks before the primary.

The deadline to register to vote for the Primary is July 16, 2009 for mail in and address changes.
You can register in person at King County Elections in Renton through Monday August 3, 2009. More information on registering to vote in King County can be found on the King County Elections website.

You can check your registration on line by going to the Washington Secretary of State’s website as well as register on line. The on line registration deadline is July 16, 2009.

Only Four Seattle City Council Candidates Raise over $10,000 in June

Candidates running for Seattle City Council have only about 1 month left before the August 18, 2009 Primary. The two top candidates in each race will go on to the November election. Here are the latest monthly fundraising totals as of June 30, 2009.

Sally Bagshaw has raised the most money so far at $122,940. Richard Conlin has raised the second largest amount at $115,003.

Four Seattle City Council candidates raised over $10,000 in June.

Martin Henry Kaplan …..$42,035
Sally Bagshaw …..$18,750
Jordan Royer …..$14,924
Robert Rosencranz …..$12,134

The information below first lists how much total money the Seattle City Council candidates reported raising through June 30, 2009 and how much of that they have spent. The third figure is how much they raised during the month of June, an indication of campaign momentum.

name …amount raised …amount spent …amount raised in June

City Council Position 2 – Incumbent is Richard Conlin

Richard Conlin …. $115,003…. $39,066 ……+9096
David Ginsberg…. $28,194…. $26,065 …..+1991

City Council Position 4 – Incumbent is Jan Drago (retiring)

Sally Bagshaw …. $122,940…. $44,106 …..+18,750

David Bloom …. $50,535…. $13,417 …..+6,676

Dorsol Plants …. $3,365…. $1782 …..+335

City Council Position 6 – Incumbent is Nick Licata

Jessie Israel …. $49,940…. $12,030 …..+8,804

Martin Henry Kaplan …. $61,3681…. $5,500 …..+41,035

Nick Licata…. $82,547…. $35,368 ….+7,437

City Council Position 8 – Incumbent is Richard McIver (retiring)

Bobby Forch ….$28,960….$0 …..+4445

David Miller …. $49,930…. $18,666 …..+5309

Mike O’Brien …. $60,633…. $15,580…..+3,354

Robert Rosencrantz …. $93,411…. $42,863 …..+12,134

Jordan Royer …. $81,347…. $29,988…..+14,924

Rusty Williams …. $44,701…. $15,164…..+2760

Information was obtained from the following websites: Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and City of Seattle Ethics and Election Commission . You can check out more information including who has donated to which campaigns by going to these sites.

The Primary Election is August 18, 2009.