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36th District Democrats Make August 2011 Primary Endorsements

The following includes the latest endorsements by the 36th District Democrats for the August 16, 2011 Primary and also for the November General Election:

King County Assessor:  Lloyd Hara
King County Director of Elections:  Sherril Huff
King County Council, District 4:  Larry Phillips
King County Proposition 1 (Veterans and Human Services Levy):  Approve
Port of Seattle, Position 2:  Gael Tarleton
Port of Seattle – Position 5:  Dean Willard
Seattle City Council, Position 1:  Bobby Forch & Maurice Classen (dual)
Seattle City Council, Position 3:  Bruce Harrell
Seattle City Council, Position 5:  Tom Rasmussen
Seattle City Council, Position 7:  Tim Burgess
Seattle City Council, Position 9:  Sally Clark
Referendum 1:  “Approve” Position (Pro-Tunnel)
Seattle Schools, District 1:  [No Endorsement]
Seattle Schools, District 2:  [No Endorsement]

34th District Democrats Primary 2011 Endorsements

Here is a list of candidates and issues endorsed by the 34th District Democrats for the August 16, 2011:

Seattle City Council Position #1: Jean Godden and Bobby Forch (dual endorsement)
•   Seattle City Council Position #3: Bruce Harrell
•   Seattle City Council Position #5: Tom Rasmussen
•  Seattle City  Council Position #7: Tim Burgess
•  Seattle City  Council Position #9: Sally Clark
•   King County Council Position #8: Joe McDermott
•   King County Assessor: Lloyd Hara
•   King County Elections Director: Sherril Huff
•   Port Commission Position 6: Gael Tarleton
•   Seattle “Tunnel” Referendum – “approve” moving forward with the Tunnel
•   Seattle School Director Position  #6: Marty McClaren
•   N. Highline Fire District Commissioner Pos #1: Liz Giba
•   Seattle Families & Education Levy: YES
•   Washington State Court of Appeals Division 1, Position 2: Michael Spearman
•   King County Superior Court Position 24: Patrick Oishi
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District Position 3: Susan Genzale
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District Position 1: Scott Hilsen
•   King County’s Veteran & Social Services Levy: Yes