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McGinn and Murray lead in fundraising in Seattle Mayor’s Race

Fundraising through June 2013 for the Seattle Mayor’s race finds incumbent Mayor Michael McGinn in the lead followed closely by 43rd LD Senator Ed Murray. In third place was Councilmember Bruce Harrell followed by businessman Charles Staedecker.  Former Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck came in fifth. Two women in the race Joey Gray and Kate Martin trailed far behind. Two candidates, Mary Martin and Doug McQuaid reported raising no money.

While money is not always a deciding factor, as Michael McGinn showed in beating Joe Mallahan 4 years ago, it makes it a lot easier to compete and reach voters.

Here are the latest figures from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission’s website for the candidates in alphabetical order:

Joey Gray raised $7819, spent $3009, debt $2293     -22 contributors

Bruce Harrell raised $232,809, spent $126,121 debt $ 26,780     – 971 contributors

Kate Martin raised $4556, spent $4064       – 34 contributors

Michael McGinn raised $258,032, spent $92,238, debt $9178      – 1382 contributors

Ed Murray raised $253,235, spent $126,121, debt $13,195        – 1109 contributors

Peter Steinbrueck  raised $135,402, spent $49,988        – 901 contributions

Charles Staedecker raised $192,616, spent $113,012      – 901 contributions


Tim Burgess, before he dropped out, raised $246,077 from 932 contributions and money wise would still have been in the thick of the race based on money raised.

The August 6th 2013 Primary Election is  less than a month away.  Ballots are soon being mailed out and the field will be narrowed to the top two candidates for the November 5th 2013 General Election.